Brands, Sites, Concepts & Designs

Peruse some examples of our recent web development work, designs and brands as well as some other business concepts.

Screenshot of La Palapa from
A multilingual website that seamlessly transitions between English and Spanish built in Drupal 8.
A real estate website whose goal is to showcase various apartments available for rent or for sale in the Acapulco beachfront condominium featuring fine-tuned multilingual SEO with a simple yet effective funnel to turn visitors into sales leads and clients and a cool masonry-style image gallery.
Screen shot of the home page of Green Crescent at

The sister site of Open Active, built on Drupal 8 and a very classy base theme.

Classy is not an adjective here but a noun, the base theme is actually called "classy" which is one of two base themes most developers choose in Drupal 8. It's a clean, highly modular and customizable site with full control of meta tags, urls, and everything one needs for optimal SEO. We also created several custom webforms and even a sleek landing page. Notice how fast the pages load? And it's running on the cheapest of cheap web hosting. Imagine what we can do for you.