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For over a decade, Open Active has specialized in Website Development, eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization and Online & Social Media Marketing to connect our clients with people and markets worldwide. Our passion is helping individuals, businesses and organizations turn their ideas into an online reality, especially a Drupal reality.

It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.
  • We'll work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget.
  • We'll get down to work on your project!
website design Design
Work with one of our professional designers to produce a beautiful look and feel for your website and a project manager to create a user-friendly interfaces and an optimal website architecture tailored to your needs.
website development Develop
Our team will transform visual and architectural designs into optimal, functional, high-performing code that looks great across browsers and devices leveraging existing open-source code as well as writing our own.
optimization Deploy
We'll deploy your website on optimal hosting and provide troubleshooting, backend support, consulting and training on your new website. We'll also stand ready to extend the functionality as you need.
Professional design and development services from a dedicated team that goes the extra mile for our clients. We leverage the power of open source to save you time and money!
responsive design devices
Totally Responsive Design
No Matter the Device, You'll Be Alright!
Just grab the corner of your web browser and make this page smaller and see how responsive works!

Services à La Carte

Drupal 8 logo
Drupal 8
We specialize in all things Drupal from design, architecture and performance to theming and module development. We can really bring your Drupal site to life.
website development
Website Design & Development
Create an optimal website on the web’s best platforms including Drupal, WordPress and Shopify or deploy a simple low-maintenance solution using the “languages of the web” HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Take payments instantaneously. Create a sophisticated shopping cart, a customized payment interface or a way to take donations. Integrate seamlessly with the world’s top credit card processors.
Search Engine Optimization
Help people find you in Google and Bing by optimizing for your brand name and relevant keywords searches. Create optimized landing pages leveraging the power of Google Analytics.
online marketing
Online & Social Media Marketing
Attract customers by creating a precision online marketing strategy for your goods or services with AdWords, Facebook X, etc.
Localization & Internationalization
Localize, internationalize and take your website global. Translate your website into any of over 100 languages and create a seamless online experience for non-English speaking visitors.